So Whose Matches are Those?

Aunt Bee?

Do you want to know why I didn't go to the doctor for so many years? Let me share with you a conversation I had today.



"Hi this is Whatshername from the Awesome Practice. We have to cancel your appointment today. Dr. L called in sick."

Notice she says "cancel." Not "reschedule." Also, please note this is the second cancellation on the same day as my appointment. Also, please note I have been a patient there for less than a month.

*Sigh.* "Okay . . ."

"What were you coming in for?"

"I had some tests run a couple of weeks ago and we were going to discuss the results and what tests should be next."

"I can get you in with a nurse practitioner. Would she be able to help?"

This is where the whole perturbed attitude set in. "Probably not! She might be able to tell me what the tests say, but I doubt she'd know what to do next!!!"

"Probably not."

"Does Dr. O have an opening?"


And then silence. No possible options, nothing. And then the anger kicked in.

"Well, I guess you'd better get me in as soon as possible!"

"She doesn't have an opening until the 24th."

Blood pressure. Rising. Please. Help. Me. Out. Lady.

"Okay." Deep breath. "How about Dr. O? Does he have anything sooner?"

"I can get you in with him on the 14th."

There. Was that so difficult? And then there's the trying to get a refill on my prescriptions . . .

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