Waiting On a Silver Platter Now

Chihuly at the deYoung

In the morning, I stumble zombie-like to the bathroom and shove my iPod into a speaker set so I can listen to some music while I get ready for work. On my way out, I grab it and lock it drop it in my bag.

The lock switch keeps it from reacting to touch and will stay off. This saves some battery while I'm on my way to work and keeps it from playing random songs that get scrobbled on last.fm later. Once I get settled in at work and get down to business, I usually pop in my earbuds and pump up the jam.

Yesterday, I got my iPod out, but didn't get around to listening until later in the day. There were people to talk to and meetings to attend.

Late in the morning, I heard music. I thought it was someone's phone. But nobody seemed to be reacting as I looked around. I leaned down and put my ear by the speaker on the computer, thinking maybe it was coming from there. It was coming from that general area but not . . . Is that my iPod?

It was! For some freaky reason, my locked iPod was playing "Michael" by Franz Ferdinand--a song that wasn't on the playlist I had been listening to at home!!!

I thought maybe it was a sign, so I checked with my San Francisco lovee, Michael. All was well. So it can only mean one thing.

My iPod is possessed.

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