For A Ride of Rides


Yeah so it's been a couple of crappy years and I just kinda never feel like writing or even taking photos anymore. I've been feeling a little extra insane and apathetic. So that's what's going on here.

But according to what I've been reading, I'm going to be a whole new person soon. Hopefully, not June Cleaver different, but hopefully a little more interested again.

You see . . . since I was in the hospital, I've been through a few tests and doctors. There were tests and blood work and many doctors in the hospital. Then the doc I saw in the E.R. took more blood. And a lovely 24 hours of peeing into a jug. Once he was confused enough, he set me up with an endocrinologist. But of course I had to wait months to see him and I finally got in to see the person who would be my primary care physician. She decided to send me to a nephrologist in the meantime to check out my kidneys. She ran some blood work before I went to see him and he was not my favorite. He ran more blood work and then told me my kidneys were fine but maybe I might like to see someone about sleep disorders? An appointment was made but I decided to nix that. I finally saw the endocrinologist who ran another giant battery of tests. For this draw, I had to lie down for 45 minutes in the dark before they stuck me with a needle. I also had a CT scan of my belly. Adrenal glands seemed fine. Nothing peculiar. Blood work didn't indicate much. So it turns out it's bad genes. Sorry, blood pressure! Bad genes! So we'll see you in 3 months to see how you're doing. And then guess what! My endocrinologist leaves. So I have to reschedule my appointment with a new guy who runs another battery of tests. Funny . . . it shows my growth hormone level is low. So let's run that again and we'll see you in 3 months. Still low, so let's run a test. They decided to inject me with a bunch of insulin so that my blood sugar would drop. If my growth hormones are working correctly, they should bring my sugar levels back to normal. Did we mention this might cause a coma? The test went fine and I was able to raise my sugar levels with no help so they sent me home telling me everything was fine. Then the test results came in and my level at it's lowest should have been a 5.0. Mine was .01. Nice. So another test and then an MRI.

All of this, and what's my diagnosis?

Wait for it.

No seriously, wait for it.

You're gonna love this.


It's amazing.

Are you ready?


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