I Just Pick Up My Chin and Grin

It's not here!!! Why is life so cruel???

As was predicted, I was incredibly annoying today. I was giddy and so excited because "It's coming today!!!"

You can imagine how I was dancing prancing around when I saw FedEx Guy parking out front. You can imagine how my prancing dancing kind of stopped when I saw FedEx Guy jumping out of his van with only a small package.

FedEx Guy did start walking straight towards me so there was still some kind of glimmer of hope that maybe he had to talk to me about how big the packages were and where did I want them? Instead, he was grumpy (not at all like our old FedEx Guy, Bill. Bill was the best!) and "First initial, last name in the box."

So of course, I was mourning the rest of the day, annoying my co-workers in a different way. Sorry guys.

I came home and checked to see what's the dillyo. The tracking information read "Item loaded onto van 6:14 am Feb 15" So why didn't my precious get to me??? I called FedEx Customer Service Guy who told me that they loaded my precious onto the wrong van!!! Didn't they know how I was waiting oh so very impatiently so I could immediately become the most obnoxious person ever? Flashing here and there and everywhere???

So the word is TOMORROW. Tomorrow it should be here. If it's not, it will be complete meltdown and my co-workers' faces will melt like that guy's face on 24 Monday night.

ps---The style for today is italic.

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