I'm so excited!

My New Toys

Emergency evacuation cancelled. My toys finally arrived!

I saw a giant FedEx semi pull up and it was all I could do to not rush out and start yelling at poor FedEx Guy about "How could you put my precious on the wrong truck and you'd better have it now or my head just might explode!!!"

I opened my package immediately and began putting the pieces together. I couldn't put all of my concentration into it, since I was still working, but I told everyone I came into contact with about my new toy's arrival. Chris, ornery ornery Chris, snapped the first photo while I was hard at work. Ryan was the next to get his grubby little hands on my precious. He seemed as excited as I was and helped me out by getting the rest of it put together and figured out.

Finally, my lunch hour came and I was finally able to have some time to play with the camera myself. The vending machine guy came while I was in the back, so I started taking pictures of him. Vendor Guy was moving a lot, so most of his pictures turned out blurry. I played around with this one to make it artsy, but it just turned out kinda dumb.

After work, I headed to Bel Air to show off to the kiddos Mitch wanted to know how I could afford the camera and I told him I had won the lotto. He almost believed me for a minute. In that minute, I imagine he was probably thinking why hadn't I bought him anything yet? I took some video of Mitch driving to get the pizza.

Yes, you heard correctly. Mitch, my little Skeletor Baby is almost all grown-up and driving. And yes, that's his Mustang. I haven't had the "pleasure" of riding with him yet, but I'm sure that he's just as careful and traffic-rule abiding as all the young men are in my family.

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