If You're Bored, Then You're Boring

Naughty is Productive

It has been awfully slow at work lately. We're all bored and it makes us tired and cranky. We're hard to please. If it's busy, we're tired and cranky, too.

When the Notorious Nadia, aka Naughty, is cranky, you'll know it. She'll tell you right away. (No talking, Ryan!) She is hilariously blunt and always surprises me at least once every day.

When we had the big ice storm in January, Nadia offered to let me stay at her house. I stayed with family instead, and that made Naughty grumpy. She called and was really concerned about where I was and was I okay? Along with the concern came a good lecture for going so far when she lives only a few blocks away from me. "I am mad at you! I don't want to talk to you! I'll talk to you tonight, but I won't talk to you tomorrow." It's nice to have people who care--I think!

ps---I really dislike those Disney World commercials with the dogs. Something about them is just so irritating!

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