Because Home Doziness Loves the Dirt Knobs

It's like it came from outer space!

Wait . . . Just who is the boss around here?

How is it we think we're the boss of animals when we're busy taking their crap--literally? Dog owners follow their pets around with plastic baggies and contraptions like a poop scooper. Cat owners don't have to follow the felines around, but we do have to scoop or bag up loads of littler and poo.

I know it's totally gross but it's totally on my mind today. Mostly because I just made a major purchase at SuperTarget today.

When Chris and Jacque gave me Cijay, they also supplied me with all kinds of schwag. Treats, toys, food . . . Cijay came stocked. But the greatest item was the covered litter box. Unfortunately, you can only keep a litter box so clean and there's only so many times you can bleach the thing. Eventually the stink is just going to seep into litterbox at a cellular level.

So I've been scoping out new boxes. I found one at SuperTarget tonight called the The Rollaway Self-Cleaning Litterbox by OmegaPaw. The thing looks kinda complicated, but on clearance, it was only two bucks more than a covered litterbox. It's really quite ridiculous the amount of money I spend on this dumb cat!

I figured I'd end up just using the box as I would use any ordinary box and scoop stuff out with my trusty scoopers. But I looked it up on Amazon and the customers seem to think it works well. The customers have given it five full stars! That's pretty good.

On the box, there's a picture of the Omega Paw development team. It made me laugh really hard. First, because it looks so posed and unreal; second, because I couldn't decide in what decade they took the picture; third, because they have a development team for cleaning up poop???

Hard at work, thinking about poop.

How would you like to have that job when you go to cocktail parties?

"Nice to meet you, Chester! What line of work are you in?"


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Anonymous said...

Is this what you were telling me about at Target earlier?? Its like a space ship for your cat!! Almost like a mini vacation for your pet. "Hey Ma I'm going to visit uranis well not your anis but my anis be back in a flash" HAHAHAHAHAHA