Heartache Never Dies with the Hot Night Crash

Marcus is the new owner of my old futon.

So I've been really busy and I'm sorry I haven't put anything up here. Those of you looking for pictures from the weekend, be patient. They're coming.

What have I been busy with, you ask? Well . . . stuff. Stuff like being five seconds from death.

Wednesday, Cassie and I went shopping together. I left my car at work and we headed west in her car. We had a jolly old time and bought ourselves green shirts to wear on St. Patrick's Day.

We headed back to my car on I-235 and had just passed the Meridian exit when I saw some strange lights that shouldn't be where they were flying across the road.

"Did someone just wreck up there?" I asked.

"Where? I don't--" Cassie started to reply before she had to slam on her brakes to avoid hitting the van in front of us. We pulled over and on the other side of the road, leaning against the guardrail was what looked to me like half a car.

My first instinct was to jump out and help, but I was afraid I'd get there and not be able to do anything and feel more helpless. Plus, crossing the Interstate when people, including semis with two trailers, are still barrelling past the wreck, as if it's some sort of nuisance isn't really all that safe.

It was a scary situation. Scary because if we had left a few seconds earlier, we probably would've been rolled over. Scary because the cops had flashlights in the ditch looking for something. Scary because there are people out there that can't be bothered with having to stop or turn around just because someone is dying on the side of the road.

Some hope for humanity could be seen in the several people who rushed to the scene, mobile phones already pressed to their ears. And in the man in the red truck who, even though he had a small child with him, pulled his truck into the lane to block incoming traffic and morbidly curious viewers.

The rest of the week was busy, with events of which I promise to post pictures. Instead of just putting them up the usual way, I tried making these cute slideshows with music. I spent way too much time on them and they're too big and will be problematic. So it was basically time wasted.

On a much happier note, I just found out Steve Erickson, author of my favorite book The Sea Came in at Midnight released a new book last month. I've been waiting six years for a new book and am terribly ecstatic. He writes some pretty confusing, apocalyptic stuff, but for some reason his writing is just beautiful to me. I'm rereading The Sea in preparation.

ps---If you'd like to try to watch one of the slideshows I worked on this weekend, you can click here.


Micah said...

So what happened to the truck?

AuntBee said...

The red truck that was blocking the scene? We managed to leave, so I can't confirm.