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Sherpaps . . . Sherpaps . . . PERHAPS!!!

Today was Raw's birthday. Now she's just as old as I am! Haha!

This picture was taken when she and I were roommates one semester at good ol' McCollum. Ahh . . . the good ol' days in 416!

Raw didn't want to be my friend at first. I think she sensed the loud obnoxious in me and was scared of it.

Soon she figured out that there was a mother hen to me, too. And mother hen I did. I even ordered her steamed rice for her!

It's kind of strange how quickly you get close to people when you live in a dorm. I met people and a week later, I just knew I couldn't live without them. Of course, if you asked me their last names, I probably wouldn't have known. That's another funny thing about living in a dorm.

Raw was one of those people I got close to really quickly. And she's one of the few I still believe I couldn't live without.

Raw has the same odd humor I do and will laugh forever at nothing with me. Her smile--her real genuine smile--will seriously brighten your day.

Raw was the first friend I found away from home with whom I could just be quiet. Not that I don't still prattle on around her, but it felt okay to not talk or entertain. Quiet is comfortable with her.

I like all the music Raw likes. I'm sure she can't say the same, since my taste ranges way past what she can tolerate (eg Gwen Stefani).

We were even going to concerts together before we met. I went to a Tool concert in Wichita when I was a senior in high school. It turns out Raw was at that same show.

We've gone to several shows since then, including a Slipknot concert a few years ago. We weren't there to see Slipknot, since we had already seen them a couple of times. We had showed up to see the opening act, Kittie.

Before those of you who know Kittie start laughing at us, let me just say that at the time, Kittie was relatively cool. They were teenage girls and they seemed to be enjoying what they were doing. It was before they started trying to scare everyone and we were incredibly jealous of the life they were living.

When you get to a concert like that early, it's easier to get to the front and as vetrans of the scene, we were pretty good at that task. We decided to make our way up to the front, but there was a "mosh pit" in front of us.

There was no avoiding it. In order to get to the front, we would have to make our way through. Raw went first. I wished her luck and she stepped into the fence the circle of onlookers had made.

And it was like Moses parting the Red Sea. She walked through like she was walking a lonesome hallway. She wasn't touched by one person.

So I'm thinking "Wow! What a nice group of moshers! They're actually trying to avoid anyone just passing through!"

I jump into the pit, smiling and eager to get to the front when WHAM!--a flying body slams into me and totally throws me off course.

I'm just recovering when SPLAT!--a sweaty boy with no shirt smashes into my face.

This is generally the way my trip through the pit went. And when I neared the place where Raw stood YANK!--some crazy girl was trying to pull me back into the pit.

Needless to say, I was tired and a little sore when I finally reached Raw's side. I was sore and really didn't have much to say after my initial "What was that about???"

And since it was Raw, my silence was comfortable.

Have a happy 26th year!

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