And if You Go Chasing Rabbits

"Oh no!" "Oh no!" "Oh no!"
KABLAM! "Ohhhh Yeeeaaah!"

Things are just moving too quickly lately. Important dates and holidays have been creeping up on me. So on Monday, when a customer told me to have a nice holiday, I was totally confused for a moment.

Since I didn't do any kind of "fasting" for Lent this year, I wasn't counting down the days until Easter.

With the speed of my year, Ash Wednesday flew by without me noticing. By the time I realized what was happening, I was already in the middle of Lent.

Although I knew it was Easter today, there was no decorating and hunting of eggs from the Easter Bunny. Not for me, anyway.

Me and E-Bun were never all that tight. Sure, he stopped by and hid eggs for me when I was a kid. He always left me a basket full of candy, too. But we never chilled out and took pictures of us together.

Not until I got old, anyway, and knew the creepy giant bunny wasn't the real Easter Bunny. It was creepier knowing who was inside the giant bunny suit. Creepier still is knowing it's your uncle in the suit.

Since BJ is on the City Council, he's had to do some crazy things for the community, including wearing the bunny suit a couple of years for the annual candy hunt. Sure, you think it's funny until the Easter Bunny pats a girl on the head then turns to you and whispers "I'm sweating like a dog!"

He's lucky he didn't traumatize any poor little children. One year, he leaned down to get something off the ground and his "head" fell off his shoulders.

There were no such traumatics this Easter. Nor did I get any colored eggs. Instead, I had Doll's deviled eggs. In fact, we got in trouble for eating them before dinner.

Instead of an Easter Egg Hunt, Bret and I sat around watching Family Guy all afternoon.

I didn't even get a bunny cake! There's nothing better than tearing into a cake that looks like a bunny! Mmmmm . . . coconut fur . . .

And I wonder why the Easter Bunny doesn't want to hang out with me!

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