My Old Friend Fear and You and Me

When a customer gives you gloves to handle
his money . . . use them!

At work, Christine is my buddy, my pal, my rock.

From my first day, she has seemed to understand (well as much as any human can) how my brain ticks. She knows how I vent my frustrations and lets me be excited about little things without making me feel too nerdy.

Chris handles each customer with the same professional friendliness, even if they're being grumpy toward her. The best parts of the day, though, are when she breaks out of her "professional" tone. Like today when someone asked her how she was doing and her response was "Well, right now I'm screwing up my computer!" which was such a big step from the normal responses of "I'm great, thanks!" that both the customer and I had a hearty laugh.

Or like the day I had a heartier laugh when Helen drove off without a receipt and Chris pounded on the window and screamed "HEEEELLLLLEEEENNNN!!!"

I know these are probably all things that are only funny "if you had been there" but that's how most of my stories are, anyway. And if you want me to demonstrate them, I will!

Stories like the other day, when I grabbed at the plant in Chris's window and she snapped "Don't touch my bush!!!"

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