Seven Hours and Fifteen Days

I watched this crazy guy land this crazy plane.
Yes I understand that I've been especially lazy the last few days and haven't posted anything. I understand that your poor little hearts just can't take not reading my words of genius!
I've had some strange sleeping habits lately. I'm not able to sleep at night and have been awake for way too long. Then at work, I'm tired and grumpy and just want to curl up on the floor. Other nights, I'll fall asleep way too early and then wake up in the middle of the night. After that, it's hard for me to sleep again. The other night, I fell asleep at my computer typing. Well, not actually typing, but thinking of what I was going to type.
Yeah I know . . . totally pathetic.
But you'll forgive me for the lack of clever words gracing this page?
Somewhere in between all that no sleeping, I managed to get some photographs together and published on the web. It's not what I wanted to do (and a lot more work than I wanted it to be!) but it will do for now. For until I get what I want figured out. Well, I guess I should just say For forever, because I'm just too lazy to figure everything out!

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