Don't T-R-Y Me I'm Outta Y'all Leauge

I'm totally goeing shoppeing there!

Some of you haven't noticed, but things are a little bit different over on the photos part of this site. I've moved things around.

I also changed the photo index page a bit. You still click on a thumbnail to get to a slideshow of pictures in that category.

The big change is that I'm posting all the pictures on a site called WebShots. The slideshows won't be as pretty, but they're a heckuva lot easier for me!

There's also a TagBoard on the photo index page. So now you can posts comments on each individual site entry and the photos page. You know, general things like "Man you are so lazy!!!"

Pictures from my phone will be uploaded directly to Flickr. These probably won't be linked to from the photo index page, but will probably pop up time to time on the main page.

Now that I have you thoroughly bored, head on over to view some new photos.

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