Is she Ultra-Violent?

She sometimes thrusts her lower jaw out
when she's mad, but never has my mamacita
spit her teeth out at me.

I wasn't going to write anything here about my customers.

There are several obvious, valid reasons. Others are just weird little reasons from my weird giant head.

There are customers I absolutely adore and those I really really dislike. I never had any intention of writing about any of them.

My intentions changed yesterday.

Yesterday, I asked my customer a question and he spit his teeth out at me!!!!!

As I was looking at him, patiently awaiting his answer, he opened his mouth and his giant dentures flew out of his mouth and clattered on the desk in front of me.

"Thorry!" he muttered.

My head is full of horrified disgust and screaming EW GROSS! Holy crap!!! What the hell is that??? What just happened??? EW!!! Polident Polident Polident!!!

Professional that I am, my face betrayed no horror. I didn't even flinch. I simply averted my gaze by looking at my computer and patiently awaited his answer.


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I would just laugh at the dude.