She's the One that Keeps the Dream Alive

Mine wasn't as pretty, but it was yummy!

I used to cook a lot. Even when living alone, I'd cook myself meals.

Pasta, grilled chicken, beans and rice, french toast; I was especially fond of zucchini and squash stir fried or sometimes steamed. I'd even eat my food at the table. I'd even eat on real plates.

Somewhere along the way I got really lazy. All I seem to eat these days are quesadillas, which are not all bad. But eating one every night isn't anyone's idea of paradise.

Today, I discovered Delicious! Delicious!. This website incorporates the site owner's work and hobby and had me interested while I was defrosting my freezer.

The site also made me hungry for real food. Since my freezer project was taking so long, I had chicken thawing. I decided to make my favorite Indian dish, Chicken Tikka Masala.

It turned out totally delish! The chicken was cooked to a perfect tenderness and the rice was just al dente enough for my taste. Plus, unlike when eating it at a restaurant, I knew the chicken was all breast and not odd poultry parts.

I think I'll start really cooking all the time, because it was really nice to spend more than five minutes preparing a meal. Even though I did use a jar of prepared sauce and Minute Rice.

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