Defrost, Your Charms

This stuff came out of my freezer.

I'm in the process of defrosting my freezer.

Yes, Dad, you read correctly. I'm defrosting my freezer.

I really should have taken a "before" picture. Several of you have seen the castatstrophe that is my freezer. For those of you that haven't, let me explain . . .

My kitchen is approximately 3ftx1ft. And that just might be overestimation. My appliances had to be small to fit, including my refrigerator.

Instead of paying the extra $10 to get the fridge with a separate freezer, whoever was in charge of buying the appliances got the one with the freezer inside. So my refrigerator is basically like those mini-fridges you have in your dorm rooms. It's just on a slightly larger scale.

And like those mini-fridges, my freezer doesn't have the whole snazzy auto-defrost feature. So, in what seems like minutes, the ice just builds and builds, making my already limited freezer space even smaller.

Over at eHow, they say you should defrost your freezer when the ice gets 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick. Mine was probably five.

So all afternoon, I've been boiling water and putting the pots in the freezer. It was quite a soggy adventure, and it's finally over.

This is pretty much my daily diet. This and quesadillas.

What sucks is that the ice will be 5 inches thick again within a week. That's how crappy my refrigerator is.

At least right now, I have plenty of room for all my Hot Pockets!

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