You Can Make Real Your Dreams

More photos from last weekend here.

I heard "Y.M.C.A." on the radio today.

This song always evokes many memories; countless wedding dances, school dances, thinking I'm funny by doing A.C.M.Y. There's one memory that always makes me laugh, even though nobody actually did anything.

The University of Kansas has a really nice bus transit system to haul the college kiddies to class and all around town. It's really great for those off-campus because there is absolutely no parking at KU. It's great for the kids in the dorms, because they're too lazy to get up in time to walk to class.

One particularly lazy morning, I hopped on the bus with Raw. There's not much talking on the bus in the early morning hours.

We were lucky and got on the bus that the crazy young guy drove. He was like the only driver to have a radio, though it was never on a decent station.

So we're bouncing along in relative silence when "Y.M.C.A." starts playing on the radio. I half-expected a few people to start jabbering about how they love this song. Since it was Friday, and the weekend always starts Thursday night, nobody was even up for that.

Then, my crazy mind conjured up an image of the whole bus suddenly bursting into dance. It was like a movie, this image; everyone at the same time, jumping around and throwing their arms up to form the letters.

It was such a funny vision that I started chuckling to myself. You know, the earthquaking laugh. Raw got a little embarrassed.

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