You Light up my Life

The only people wearing white at the party.

Last Halloween, I was planning on going to a party I had gone to in the past. One of Daddy Fed's friends always throws a big costume party. Cassie and her husband, Isaiah, were going to come with me.

Jacque and I had found my costume a few days before. I was going as a bank robber! It was really only funny if other people knew I worked for a bank. And even then, it wasn't really very funny.

Cassie and Isaiah didn't have their costumes until about five minutes after we were supposed to leave for the party. On the phone, Cassie said she was dressed as an angel and Isaiah was still trying to fit a lampshade on his head. He had painted his face yellow and was dressed as a lamp.

Isaiah's choice of costume made me laugh. Once I saw him in person, I laughed even more. But it wasn't until I took a picture of them that I really started rolling on the floor.

Isaiah reached behind him and pulled a cord up. You can't be a true lamp without an electric cord and plug!

Isaiah is a creative guy and talented artist. You can click on the image below to view his ebay auctions. Just don't buy "Midnight Explorers" I'm saving my money for that one!

Happy birthday, Isaiah!

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