And Feed Them on your Dreams

Momma and Daddy Fed, pre-Bun

Jacque is one of my greatest friends. She doesn't mind and actually caters to my eccentricities.

You'd think that if she was such a very good friend, I'd have already written about her. I mean, come on! I've written about her dogs, so why not Jacque?

Well, Jacque has been keeping a "secret" for the last few months. She's a mommy! She was planning to keep her pregnancy a secret until she heard the heartbeat and was confident things were going well.

Jacque's never been very good at keeping secrets and dropped hints at me all the time. Finally she burst out with "I just can't keep it from you! I'm pregnant!"

I've been trying to keep the secret and everytime I come across a picture I want to post of her, I can't think of anything to say. All I want to type is "She's having a baby! Look at her belly! There's a baby in there!!!"

So I just had to keep her off the site until today. Today, I talked to Jacque and not only does she not have to work any more overnight shifts, she has heard the heartbeat and all is well. The heartbeat is on the fast-side, which is supposed to indicate a girl. But that theory has never worked with anyone else I know, so I'm thinking it could still go either way.

And either way, I'm going to corrupt it like crazy! Baby Fed is going to be the biggest spoiled brat, courtesy of her/his Aunt Bee! I've already bought the kid several presents. Because I'm eccentric like that!

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