Cause My Buzz Gettin' Strong

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I am totally obsessed with The Magic Bullet.

I've watched the infomercial every weekend for weeks. It's the ultimate party machine!

In seconds, it can make dips, sauces or smoothies. The Magic Bullet can chop garlic and onions, dice chicken, shred cheese and grind coffee. The Magic Bullet is AWESOME!

My cheap blender broke a few weeks ago. I think it pretty much blew up. So I've been without chile for weeks!

I was at SuperTarget, checking out the blenders when there it was, calling out to me: The Magic Bullet! I turned my back on it.

I checked out a fairly reliable blender with a nice glass pitcher. I've been through 3 cheap blenders this year, so I figured I'd save some cash in the long run to get a decent . . .

But look! Look right there! It's The Magic Bullet!!! For only a Jackson more!

I gave in to the temptation. I threw that puppy into my cart and ran to the checkout before I could have any second thoughts.

I have been having the Ultimate Party of One ever since. First up: Chile! Seconds!

Fruit sorbet? Seconds!

Chocolate Mousse? Seconds!

Guacamole? Well, that didn't work out so well. I've never actually made guacamole and didn't really realize how ripe the avacado needs to be. Oops.

Next up: Smoooooothies!

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Anonymous said...

I'm totally jealous! When are you inviting me down to a party? And can I play Hazel?