Now I Spend my Time Just Making Rhymes of Yesterday

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Cijay had his front claws yanked out on Tuesday.

I know I know I know I'm horrible. It's over and done with. He appears to be healthy. I'm not feeling quite so bad.

The goober was gone for two nights. I got a bit lonely. I'm totally going "crazy cat lady."

I didn't realize how used to being greeted at the door I was. Of course, I only get greeted because Cijay knows it's feeding time.

I think the whole ordeal has the little guy all tuckered out. He's been sleeping all day.

It must have traumatized him, too, because he's twitching and whining in his sleep. Now and then his eyes will fly open, but he's not really awake.

It's kind of like hanging out with Casey when he's napping on the floor.

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