I was Thinking that I Should be Singing Along

Watering the River
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It's really quite amazing how fast thoughts fly through your brain. In mere seconds, a person can come up with a ton of ideas.

On my way to work, I was at a stop light when I heard someone shouting "Excuse me ma'am?"

Let's forget about the fact that being called ma'am freakes me out, and focus on it being weird to have someone shouting it to you in the middle of the street.

I turned my head to see a lady in sunglasses frowning at me. "Do you know--"

Insert brain thinking of the rest of her question:
--that my tire is flat?
--that my tail-lights are out?
--that my car is smoking?
--that my car has burst into flames?
--that there's a crazy axe murderer in the backseat?

"--where Newman College is?"

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