Skanky's Fine with Me

On Thursday, several of us had plans to go to the Cajun Food Fest. The weather looked rather nasty, so everyone backed out and only Cassie and I were brave.

So all day, we were looking to getting our fill of red beans and rice.

I met a woman who had a Cajun Food Fest TShirt on, so I asked her if she was working the big event that night. She said she was and we had a nice chat about the Fest.

I'll spare you all the details, but some anger and cross words spilled from her. The end result was Madame Cajun screaming at Tammy--Tammy in her nice business suit--"You skanky-ass whore!"

Was it stupid of me to still have gone to the Fest and eaten her food?

You can see some pictures I took at Riverfest by clicking here.

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