You Can Say I Ain't Got No Sense

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I took Cassie to the opening night of Riverfest. She's from Maine and had never enjoyed the spectacle.

The object of the night was to get a roasted corn cob and a turkey leg for Cassie. She had heard all about them and just had to have one of each for herself.

Of course we ended up parking on the opposite end of the food area. We had to walk through all the other events to reach the goal.

On our way through, we saw several policemen. At one point, we saw six of them walking hurriedly the way from which we had just come. Soon after, there followed a giant mob of teenies running. I wanted to follow to see what the deal was, but Cassie was more interested in food. Probably safer that way!

We finally reached the food court and fed our faces qutie nicely. We spent $21.50 on food for just the two of us!

We took our funnel cake and hung out by the river to watch the fireworks, though I enjoyed watching the people more. Like the couple with a stroller and a small boy walking beside them. A small boy screaming at the top of his lungs as they ignored him. I couldn't help but laugh at the kid.

Once the fireworks were over, the police wasted no time in rushing everyone out of the area. We needed to be on the other side of the river, but to get there, we had to follow a pathway that goes up, back and around.

We reached the top of the stairs and started following the path that would lead us ten feet to another path which would take us right to the bridge. Instead, we were stopped by three of Wichita's Finest.

"Time to lead the park, ladies." the oldest and creepiest declared.

"We're on our way. We just have to go over there to cross the bridge."

"Park is closed. You need to go that way." He tells me and points behind me.

"We just came from there and it's all blocked off."

It's not like I was some crazy kid trying to cause trouble! I was being good and not going through roped off areas. I was just trying to make my way through the maze to get to the bridge!

Officer High N. Mighty gives me a smirk and says "Just go right this way. We'll even go with you!" As if I'm some sort of dummy!

So we turn back around and run into the other half of the crowd. The police on the other side are trying to shove the crowd the right way and so we're all getting crammed together.

The crowd all finally starts going the same way and we are told to climb a fence to exit the park. What??? I only had ten feet to walk to get to the right path and now I have to climb a fence???

The family in front of me had a stroller and the mother started freaking out. "How am I supposed to get my son out???"

It turned out, we could go through a roped-off area and not have to climb the fence. Still, what's the point of roping off areas, then?

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