When You Sent Me off to See the World

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It's funny how often times when we try to think of big monumental things our mothers have done for us, it's hard.

Sure, we can think of bad things. Like the time she dropped me on my head during my first Christmas trip to Missouri. Or the way she hurriedly tore the hairbrush through my hair in the mornings.

We tend to forget about how when we are sick and hurt, Mom's hand is always cool and comforting. Or the way she would put your hair into a billion tiny braids just so you can do a Milli Vanilli parody.

I think we tend to forget the great things our mothers do because we tend to take them for granted. It's really all the little things they do for us:

You get the pair of boots everyone had to have for your eighth birthday. She lets you wear them every day that year.

She always lets you lick the brownie batter off the hand blender, even though she really wanted to do it herself.

She introduces you to the peanut butter and pickle sandwich and you realize it's the greatest sandwich ever.

Everytime you go to the WalMart in Manhattan, she buys you a toy.

She piles all your friends into her car on your 12th birthday and takes you all cruising.

There's so many little things the mothers do, and that's in addition to giving you life! That alone should get her a bag of Peanut M&Ms every day!

Happy Mothers' Day to my momma and all the other baby mommas!

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