And I'm the Wildest in the City

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Tomorrow I'm going back home to the CC.

Awww . . . Isn't that just incredibly nice of me? Going home for Fathers' Day? I really am just the best daughter, aren't I?

Except I'm not going home for Fathers' Day. I have other plans and luckily, Fathers' Day just happens to be the same weekend.

Saturday, Marcus and I are going to see Batman Begins. Seems like no big deal until you find out that we've had plans to see the movie for over a year.

As soon as I heard they were making a new Batman and it was going to have a decent director, I told Marcus we would be going together. Even weirder, we've planned a whole evening around it. We're doing the whole dinner, movie get wasted thing.

Any bets on whether or not we go in costume?

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