Not in my Castle on a Cloud

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It's really really hot outside. When it's this hot, I leave all my shades closed to try to keep it cool in here.

Tonight, I came home, knowing there were some big clouds building. But once I was inside, I was oblivious as to what was going on other than what I saw on radar.

A little after eight, I happened to look out one of my windows that faces the west and was amazed at the clouds I saw.

Sometimes you look up to the sky and see giant fluffly clouds backlit by the sun which creates a view of what must surely be heaven. Then you realize the only reason you're able to see such a view is that people in an area near you are going through hell.

I ran outside and took several pictures of the clouds building around Wichita while funnel clouds were dropping out of the sky in the county just north of us.

I caught this picture of a plane (Hello Air Capital of the World!) but didn't catch a funnel cloud. Lucky for my safety.

But oh so unlucky for the thrill of the photographic hunt!

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