But Don't Tell Me what We Won't Have Fun

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Last Friday, Nadia left her children in the care of Cassie and me. So what did we do? We took them to Merlin's and let her husband, Don and son, Joshua do all the work!

From the mouths of babes:

"There's no eating in the car! You'll get salt and pepper all over! And never eat chicken nuggets! Oh, God she's eating the hamburger!"

"Wait! You can't go without an adult!"

"I'm gonna be just like my dad, so I eat vegetables and fruits! No candy! No junk food!"
"My dad eats those things."

"Howcome I have to go last?"
"You don't. You already went first."
"I always go first!"

"Oh God! He's gonna drink the water in the car! I have to close my eyes!"

"Did you guys have fun playing with Joshua all night?"
"Who's Joshua?"

Click here to see pictures of the catastrophe.

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