Thinking out Loud and Acting in Vain

The first time Raw and Casey met Chris and Jacque (she has a baby in her!), we all went to hang out at Scotch.

Scotch & Soda is a bar near Chris and Jacque's that has karaoke every Saturday night. There's a strange mix of people there; young and old, cowboy and R&B, drunk and sober. It certainly makes for a crazy mix of karaoke singers!

The Scotch was full on this particular night and we were having a good time booing (but always applauding at the end, because they had the cajones to get up there) for the singers. The table next to us was having an equally good time so we ended up merging.

One couple from that table got up to sing "Piano Man" and while they were singing, Jacque leaned over and said "He got a ring for her today!"

The couple was cute; one of those opposites attract kind of couples. He was tall, dark and beefy. She was small, blonde and bony. He was boisterous and loud. She was quiet and shy.

So when they came back to the table to our applause, he started talking to everyone and she sat next to me, quiet and looking bored. Of course it was up to me to start conversation!

Not normally one to go ga-ga over engagement rings, but knowing it would be a big deal, I started off with something I thought she'd be excited to talk about.

"I hear you got a ring today!"

The table froze and everyone just looked at me. I didn't understand why.

The girl looked at me, confused. "Me?"

Ignoring glares, I answered. "Yes, you! I heard you got a ring today!"

Jacque practically leaped across the table, flinging her ring finger in my face. "No! That was me! You must be wasted!"

I was totally confused, since I knew Jacque had already had her ring for almost a year. So I sat and realized I may have pulled a big no-no.

The couple left soon after my awesome conversation starter and they weren't two feet from the table before everyone started yelling at me. Apparently, the boy had merely bought the ring that day. He wasn't proposing until the next weekend.

We never talked to any of those people again, but I still wonder if the proposal went the way it was originally intended.

Note to everyone: Make sure if you're telling me a secret, you make sure I know it's a secret!

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