Sorry I've Started to Sound Real Crass

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Today I saw a commercial for the upcoming War of the Worlds film. I started to think about what it would be like if all that really happened.

I concluded I would crap my pants.

I was talking to a friend, and he informed me of Stephen Hawking's prediction of what will happen if Earth were to be invaded--we're screwed.

There were many theories thrown around, including one about intergalactic aliens that swallow whole galaxies in one gulp. Which made me decide we're already in the belly of one and that's where our ozone layer is going. It's being eaten up by alien tummy acids!

He also mentioned that while he's not preparing for the invasion, such ideas aren't totally ridiculous. It's a big universe and people are more interested in Paris Hilton and real estate investments. "We're totally oblivious to everything but our own little backyard."

It's so incredibly true! I see examples of it all the time at the bank!

There's the man who doesn't understand we have branches nationwide, so when you ask him if he opened his account in Kansas, he screams "No! I opened my account in Alaska!!! . . . Of COURSE I opened it in Kansas!" and then goes on to tell you to kiss his ass.

There's the woman who comes in during the busiest part of the day when we're already short-handed and wants to know why it's taking so long to cash her checks? Nevermind the other people in line . . . she comes first!

There's the man who is too busy screaming at us about how we're crooks to notice how embarrassed and sad and near-tears his daughter is.

Of course, maybe I'm the one being narrow-minded. I'm so busy worrying about welcoming aliens that I'm not concerned with everyone else's lives!

ps--In reference to the "kiss my ass" comment, Cassie said "You should have told him to shave a spot!"

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Anonymous said...

I am sure that if you took time to write all of the stupid/rude comments customers made you would have a very heavy novel!! Today I get the chick who informs me that I "CAN NOT" charge her $5 to cash her check. Calmly for the fifth time I tell her what her other options are and her inteligent response is..."you are not my mother. you can't tell me what to do". HELLO! You are 25 years old!! Maybe all of these memorable people we call customers are actually THE ALIENS!!!!! love ya