See, I've already Waited too Long

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The other day, this woman came in with two tiny and very sad kids. They immediately looked at me with their faces turned down--you know, the perfected puppy dog eyes.

Usually, I wait to give candy to children at the bank until they're leaving. But these kids were too much! I just wanted them to stop looking at me like that!

So I started reaching for a sucker and the woman stopped me short. "They're in the doghouse and are to not even ask for candy."

I retracted my hand, the children continued staring at me and I felt like I was the one in the dog house!

Every now and then the boy, who was older, would say something like "Don't even ask for the candy!"

As they were leaving, the little troublemakers looked back at me, as if to hope maybe I could sneak them some candy. Maybe I could toss some into their pockets.

Then I heard the little girl try one last tactic.

"Grandma, I never asked for a sucker! Not once!"

"I know. I'm very proud of you!"

"So can I have one, now?"

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