When My White Shirt Lets Me Down

La Parilla
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Friday night, Raw, Casey and I met Michael at La Parilla for a late late dinner.

Well, we met Michael mostly so he could watch us eat our late late dinner.

We tore into our food and after awhile, Raw noticed that Casey's white shirt had spots all over it.

Raw and I laughed while Casey lamented "Oh man! This always happens!"

Michael started doing his maniac finger pointing. "I can never wear a white shirt!"

Please, those of you who know him, picture Michael gesturing wildly as he tells us "I always get chocolate ice cream on my white shirt! Even if I'm not eating it! It's like maybe someone is across the street from me, eating a chocolate ice cream cone and a bulldog attacks them and their ice cream gets thrown into the air and right onto me!!!"

We all laughed and Raw decided she'd love to do that to someone. And, of course, by "someone" she means Casey.

On Saturday, Casey got part of his Chipotle burrito all over his--you guessed it--white shirt.

Which reminded me "Hey guys! I want ice cream later! Chocolate ice cream!"

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