Beautiful Boys on a Beautiful Dance Floor

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Poor Michael has been left all alone in Larryville this week. I'm just worried sick that he's had nothing to do!

Well, not really. I've assigned him some reading homework. That should keep him relatively occupado.

Plus, Michael has really never had that much trouble finding something to do. He and I were always quite creative in that area.

We became excellent in the arts of interpretive dance and being super-duper loud. We also found many ways to entertain ourselves while waiting.

While waiting for our movie time, we might play a little "Stay in first gear since I don't know how to drive stick and watch Michael jump in and out of the car." Or we might go next door to Dillon's, go to opposite ends of the store and make cow noises until we found each other.

While passing the time before class started, I would make flatulent sounds with my mouth (I swear it was my mouth!) and Michael would spell the sound out on the marker board.

Oh the good times we've had!

Do you think maybe there might be something wrong with us?

On another note, I found this today and it gave me quite a chuckle.

No worries, I'm not near this feeling . . . yet!

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