Of White Skin on Red Leather

I'm the first-born grandchild on my mother's side. Which means I was super duper spoiled.

I was so adorable, my Aunt Karen just couldn't help but want to keep me! And when my parents weren't kosher with that, she decided to have a kid of her own.

Allison Tai came to ruin all my only-grandkid fun just before I turned three. It didn't take me long to figure out I'd be just as spoiled and have someone to enhance the fun.

We rode bicycles and waved at the cute boys. We played Barbies for hours. Giggling nonstop, we would make fart noises when we were supposed to be sleeping. We were goofy. Sweet Jeebus, were we goofy!

Living so far away, we didn't see each other too terribly often. There was always the Christmases, and some random visits in between. But, always, there was Christmas.

Now that we're older, things are different. People are busy, hearts have changed, and we see each other less and less. We didn't even see each other last Christmas.

Assuming her flight wasn't pulled in by a tractor beam to the North, the crazy girl is in South Korea right now. She has gone there to teach English and won't be back for a year or more. Or much more.

I hope I'm wrong, and she's not running away from, but toward something. I hope she has a wonderful time. I hope she is safe and happy.

I really hope she doesn't accidentally wander into North Korea and come home with a K.J-il haircut!

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