Dreams Aren't What They Used to Be

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Oh man am I tired!

I don't have to work until one o'clock today, so I slept in, and it seems to have been a bad idea!

I had the most vivid dreams ever last night!

I don't quite remember all of them--there were several--but a couple really stuck in my head.

The first had me going to see The Killers again. This time, they were playing a really small venue; some tiny bar. It was a cool show because they would play a couple of songs, then hang out and drink for awhile before they played a couple more.

It was weird, because I was the only person there who was really paying attention. I was singing along and into it while everyone else was more into their drinks and what was on the television.

It was kind of like when you go to a bar and some local band no one has heard of and who sucks is playing while you're trying to get your drink on. Except it shouldn't have been like that because it was The Killers!

Between songs, I was able to talk to all of the band members, except for Ronnie, the drummer, which is quite disappointing because I think he's cute. They seemed to appreciate me since I actually knew their songs and had the decency to be involved.

For some reason (you know how dreams are, you just pop in and out of places) I had to leave. I returned at 4:30AM and everyone was still there and wasted. I went up to the bartender to ask if he was still serving.

"No, but there is an after-party everyone's going to . . . if you've been invited."

He was pulling out some kind of ticket so I got excited that I was going to be invited. Then from behind me I heard someone say "No!"

I don't know where it came from, but it seemed to come from one of the band members.

"We don't want her to come!"

My heart, of course, broke in the rejection and I muttered something about no need to stay around or something and fled.

As I was getting into my car, Brandon, the lead singer, came out and gave me a twenty dollar bill. I was confused and asked him why.

He looked sheepish and apologetic and said "I just don't think you should've had to pay for this."

It was weird!!!

I woke up, because it was time to wake up, normally. I made myself go back to sleep and had another weird one.

I was in Colorado with several people, but really only remember Raw and Casey. We were on a mountain. Apparently, you could ride almost to the top and from there you could climb to the very peak.

Casey went up first, and then helped me climb. Most of it was easy, because it was a trail that wound around the mountain, but there was a bit of rock-climbing to do.

Once I got to the peak, I looked around for awhile, noticing the sheer drop on one side of the mountain.

The climbing down was harder, because I couldn't see where I was going. At times, I was swinging by my hand, which was holding Casey's. Casey seemed more freaked out about it than I did. He kept freaking out that he couldn't hold on to me and the mountain any longer.

Somehow, he held and I scrambled my way back onto the mountain. I was still holding the piece of rock that made up the peak and apparently with my great strength, I knocked the rock loose and it bounced down the cliff. Whoops!

I knocked off more pieces of the peak as I made my way down. I singlehandedly removed about ten feet off the height of the mountain.

Man I'm strong!

So anyway, those are the weirdest and most vivid of the dreams I had last night. I just figured you'd like to know what my nights are like.

No more sleeping in for me! . . . right . . .

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