Threw the Pickles on my Rug

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I've always been a big fan of dill pickles. In fact, I grew up in a family of pickle appreciators.

We're the kind of family that will order a steak and then notice the person who ordered the hamburger got a pickle spear. We will bring out the puppy dog eyes and try to convince you that you never wanted that pickle, so maybe you should just hand it down to me, the poor kid with no pickles!

We loved pickles, but when my mom told us about peanut butter and pickle sandwiches, we were less than excited. In fact, we were pretty grossed out!

My mom kept telling us how much she liked them as a child, so we decided we'd grow some balls and try one.

We loved them, and the sandwiches quickly became a Saturday regular, along with watching Batman or Grease 2.

I was talking to Raw the other night. Talk turned to pickles and the jar they'd eaten in an amazingly short time period.

We discussedthe best brand, which of course is Claussen! All the chat made me hungry for a pickle, so I opened the fridge to discover I had three different kinds of pickles: halves, spears and hamburger slices. But at least my jars weren't empty!

Then I talked to Casey, and we discussed pickles, too. Man, those things are great!

I told Casey about the peanut butter and pickle sandwich and actually got him to try one!

I sat and listened as he gathered the supplies.

I started getting nervous. What if he didn't like it?

"Make sure you only put one layer of pickles. Pickle chips! Don't upset the balance! You can't have too much peanut butter or too much pickle!"

Oh why oh why did I put myself through so much agony?

Finally, the sandwich was done. He cut it down the middle, so Raw could have a go at it. I crossed my fingers and heard silence as he took a bite.

"It's pretty good."

Hallelujah! He didn't hate it!

But now, it was Raw's turn. Raw was a big pansy and didn't want to try it.

"You tell her she has to eat it! I tried pickled pigs feet for her!!!"

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