But there's just a Flat Line on your Cardiogram

I can't seem to stop thinking about Katrina's aftermath. I keep reading and hearing and getting sadder and angrier.

The Boston Globe Online Edition is reporting 25,000 body bags are headed to New Orleans. According to Wikipedia, the population of New Orleans is around 485,000. That's 5% of New Orleans they're expecting to be dead.

I'm afraid if we don't get the victims out of there, there will be need for greater stockpiles of body bags. People will lose their will in situations like they are currenly living.

Humans deserve to go somewhere. They deserve to be able to take their children to a park. They should be able to take a deep breath and not choke on the stench of what's floating in the flood waters.

These are our fellow Americans. When did we decide we could treat people from other states like we're border patrolmen? "Go back! We don't want you here!"

Was I so naive to believe that the separatist movement ended when the Union won the Civil War? Are we not "One Nation, Under God" anymore? I think maybe it goes something like "This land is your land, this land is my land."

Well, at least the insurance companies are being heroic.

"Katrina survivors who are being told that their insurance won't cover them because 'it was a flood not a hurricane' that caused the damage and they (along with about 60% of folks in New Orleans and the Gulf region) don't have flood insurance."
Insurance Companies' Line: Katrina Wasn't a Hurricane
Doug Heller

And don't worry, there will be no interruption for the blank stare. We're well stocked with blinks and nods!

"'We had arrangements to airlift food by helicopter to these folks, and now the food is sitting in trucks because they won't let helicopters fly,' O'Shea said Friday afternoon."
Bush Visit Halts Food Delivery
Michelle Krupa
The Times Picayune

To put an end to my flabbergasted ranting, I'm stealing a quote from a friend.

I think that George [Bush] should take this as a sign. Like when he said "God chose me to be president!". This is God's way of saying, "Um, NO I DIDN'T!"

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