Honey, the Road'll Even End in Kathmandu

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There's a Mexican restaurant in the town where my grandparents live. It's quite authentic and really tasty. It's called "El Charro."

A few years ago, when traveling through a town near Wichita, my family and I saw another El Charro, and decided to stop for a bite to eat. We were surprised to see a buffet set up with enchiladas, beans, rice, taco ingredients and fried chicken with mashed potatoes and gravy? What kind of El Charro was this?

The food was far from the quality we were used to at the other El Charro and I won't even tell you about the condition of the bathroom. It was bad. Really really bad.

Saturday, Raw and Casey were in Newton to visit her parents. They called me up and invited me to dinner.

I made the trip up and met Raw, Casey and her parents at their home. James was also there with his son, Jordan. We headed off to "some new Mexican restaurant in town."

We pulled up to the restaurant and I saw a big sign saying "Welcome to El Charro!"

"Uh oh. Hey Raw . . . remember that restaurant I told you about with the bathroom? That was an El Charro. Let's hope this one is like my grandparents' El Charro!"

Well, this El Charro landed somewhere between the two. It was still pretty far on the bad side, though.

We should've listened to the waitress who did everything but outright tell us to leave.

We munched on chips and salsa for awhile. James left the table and Casey scooted a bowl of salsa closer to Jordan. "Here. Drink this."

We all laughed. Mary told Casey to stop being so bad. We continued to wait for our food. And wait and wait and wait.

James came back with a White Russian (ew) and joined in the conversation.

After awhile, we noticed Jordan stick his straw into his salsa. "No no no! Casey was just kidding! It's too hot, Jordan, no!"

But you know how kids are. They're not going to listen. So he waits for awhile and then, when no one is really paying attention, he starts to suck the salsa down.

Jordan shrugged, smiled and said "That's hot!" Then continued to drink salsa. We couldn't get him to stop, either. He wanted to drink all the salsa on the table.

I'm thinking maybe there was cocaine or something in the salsa because, after dinner, that kid went nuts! He suddenly had insane amounts of energy!

We all went back to Tom and Mary's and his energy level stayed at high. And, like with any kid, the later it got, his crankiness oozed through.

Jordan started playing on the recliner; sliding up and down the footrest. When Casey came back to relcaim his seat, Jordan had his first little fit of the night.

"Nooooooo! NOOOOOO! I want to sit there!!!"

Casey's not one to give in to whining.

"Nope. This is my seat. You can just quit. We don't cave in to whining around here."

When Jordan decided to try the lip-tremble tactic, Casey asked him "Are you a crybaby?"

Jordan is just as stubborn as Casey. "No!"

He then sat there for a minute, scoping Casey out before he looked around the room and suddenly started full-out bawling.

Casey's response?

Laughing, pointing and "Haha! You are a crybaby! Crybaby! Crybaby!"

I can't argue with that one!

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