So I'll Wait for You where I Always Wait

In Baby Fed's Room
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Yesterday was the day Baby Fed was supposed to start breathing fresh air.

Baby Fed apparently has other plans.

I got off work early and headed north to hang out with Jacque. She was trying everything to get the baby out, short of yanking him by the arm.

My brother was born the day after my mother ate pizza. So, since jumping jacks and rubbing nerves wasn't working, we ordered some.

Jacque's cousin, Jill, came over and joined in the feast. I had a good time, but was distracted. Every time Jacque grabbed at her belly, I was certain it was all starting.

At the end of the evening, Jill headed out and said "Thanks for the pizza!"

"Well, I figured if the baby wasn't going to come, we'd have something delivered tonight!"

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