Got a Woman C-O to Call Me a Copter

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Last night I was chillin' in my crib when all hell broke loose, yo!

It's not rare to hear some sort of aircraft flying by my place. Wichita is full of aircraft companies: Cessna, Boeing, Raytheon, etc. We've dubbed ourselves the Air Capital.

Which makes it pretty funny that it costs a fortune to fly anywhere from here.

So when I heard a helicopter last night, at first it didn't really register as being unusual. But then I saw lights flashing in my window and realized that helicopter seemed to be hanging around for awhile.

I parted the blinds and took a looksee. I didn't see a ton of cops lining the streets or anything, but there was definitely a helicopter overhead shining a light all over my parking lot and the surrounding area.

I called up Raw and Casey to let them know if I was shot or taken hostage, it was up to them to inform people of my demise.

"I could be killed!"

Finally, a police car pulled up. One. A single policeman to protect me from whatever evil villain was lurking in the shadows???

The officer got out of his car, waved to the helicopter and ambled toward my building!!!

There were a couple of people sitting outside and I could tell the officer was approaching to talk to them. Casey was talking about how funny it was that Wichita had a "ghettocopter" and I told him to shhh!

"Why do I have to be quiet? They can't hear me!"

Little did Casey know I had him on super-crazy-loud speakerphone!

Actually, I was just having to work really hard to hear what was being said three stories below me with the wind blowing hard.

It was hard to hear most of what was being said, but I did make out "called to report someone was throwing rocks at windows."

What? That's it? We pulled out the ghettocopter for that???

What a waste of taxpayer money!

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