It was a Graveyard Smash

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When I was living in McCollum , several of my friends and I heard stories about Stull Cemetary.

This cemetary is supposedly big-time haunted. Of course, since I'd always been fascinated by the supernatural, I was interested.

"We heard if you throw beer bottles at the side of the church, they won't break! We tried it and it was true!"

"There's no roof on the church but if you go there when it's raining, you won't get wet inside the church!"

"There's a stairway to hell buried out there!"

Of course my friends and I decided that would be an excellent Halloween outing.

We set a date for our excursion a few days before Halloween. Seven of us piled in close and headed west.

We followed the directions exactly as they were given and somehow we ended up all the way in Topeka. Whoops!

We tried a couple of days later, our crew a mere five. But five strong we were and using new directions, we ended up . . . in Topeka. Surely the directions were wrong!

We tried a new source, got totally different directions and tried again. This time, our crew had dwindled to a mere six members. But six strong we were!

We headed west in the dark, cold night. As we sped down Highway 40, we flipped through radio stations and babbled on about how crazy scary this was going to be. We came over the hill and right in front of us was a deer!!!

Brakes were slammed, heads turned and a collective sigh was breathed as we missed the deer. He stood his ground and stared at us. Perhaps he was warning us? Should we turn back?

No way! Onward and onward! With our new directions, we would find Stull and become true Ghostbusters!

Just one more turn, and we would be there. We turned and ended up . . . in Topeka??? Again???

Well, now we were just angry. We found someone who was actually from the state of Kansas and who might actually know the correct directions. And, dammit! If these weren't right, we were going to beat the crap outta somebody!

So, late into the night on October 30, we tried, yet again. We lost another of our crew; one less determined. But four strong we were and we sped west.

It was a dark and foggy night. We were forced to drive at very slow speeds. The fog swarmed around us like white wisps of ghosts.

It was terribly creepy and the further we went, the more ominous the vibes in the car.

The ghostly fog grew more and more opaque. We wondered if we would have to turn back.

But suddenly, we somehow ended up underneath the fog and in a town. As the ghosts hovered above us, we noticed we were driving beside a chain-link fence.

"Hey! Is that a tombstone?"

Could it be that we had finally arrived???

We found the gates and noticed a large sign that read "NO TRESSPASSING."

Nobody had told us about this! The whole part about criminal tresspassing!

We drove down the road and discussed what we were going to do. We didn't want to get hauled off to jail!

So, after all this work and finally reaching our destination, we turned back. No hanging out at the church for us. No searching for the stairway to hell.

We did prove, yet again, that nothing is scarier than the police!

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