My Heart's on Fire

I Heart Weekends
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I may have a tendency to exaggerate.

I find a couple of spiders and tell everyone there were eight billion spiders running all over my face.

Someone cuts me off in traffic, I turn it into my life almost ended when some guy sideswiped me.

Allie, sweet and concerned BFF she is, always freaks out a little before she realizes I'm just up to my usual blowing things out of proportion.

The other day, I stood up from a crouch and my kneecap felt like it popped out of the socket. (I know, even that sounds like exaggeration, but it really did hurt!) "OW! I just busted my knee open!!!"

"Oh my gosh! Are you bleeding?"

As the day goes on, Allie becomes more keen to the fact that everything coming out of my mouth is probably another distortion.

My ankle popped really loud. "Oh man! I think I just snapped my ankle in half!"

"Oh yeah? Does that hurt as bad as busting your knee open?"

I've discovered I'm not the only one around that place with a penchant for exaggeration. I walked by Tammy's desk and heard "I have a brain tumor on my head! I do!"

ps--I know. My body is totally falling apart. And that's not an exaggeration.
pps--Did I tell you Allie doesn't know the song "Elvira?" And she claims she is a country music fan!

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Anonymous said...

ok first of all, i must say that girl in the picture is adorable!! she looks like some F-U-N! and second of all, not everyone knows the song elvira! i'm not a poser! p.s. i heart weekends!