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Watching Me
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So, today, my eccentricty was put up for debate. And I was flattered!

I mean, I'd always just assumed everyone knew I was downright batty. I've long been prepared for the fact that I'm going to be the crazy lady who lives down the street with the garden gnomes in her yard and keeps trying to give kids peppermints that have been sitting in her pocket all day, gathering lint.

With someone to question my craziness, I began to have hope!

But then I got to thinking about it. My little quirks. It's sad, really.

There's the fact that I could sit around all day sorting paperclips at work. Seriously, I'd be fine.

Instead, I spend my days making sure all my stuff is put in place. And faces the right way. I'm annoying anal about it.

But then you come to my house and it looks like I stuffed everything I own into a cannon and shot it all over my home.

I've already explained some of my crazy eating habits. But there's other weird things about my eating habits; like the way I often eat soup with a fork. I don't really like the soupy part. I really just want the noodles.

When eating at Sumo, I eat the salad and rice course with my fork. I won't use chopsticks, although I'm pretty good at it, until the veggie and meat courses are served. And when I eat my rice, I take a bite, then push down on what's in the bowl to make everything compact and even.

I am obsessed--obsessed times a billion--with the color red. I seriously have to tell myself while shopping "You have enough red! Get that in green!"

Oh and then there's the fact that I talk to myself.

I won't even mention the singing I do.

I only have one cat, now, but at one time I lived with four.

I love taking showers and it's always quite a process. I have a certain order in which I do everything, ending with brushing my teeth. Yes, I brush my teeth in the shower. And not only do I sing in there, I dance, too!

Speaking of the shower, doesn' this picture look scary! Doesn't it look like some crazy guy with a crab chomper on his hands is watching me shower?

Oh, I guess you can add that to the list, too . . .

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