This Town I'm in Can't Take No More

Only Me!
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My hand is fine. You can all rest your worried minds. I know it's really been weighing on you, all that wondering. But what is going on in Paris?

No, seriously, what the hell is going on in Paris?

The other morning, I heard someone say on the radio something to the effect of "Oh yeah. And Paris is burning. Well, the suburbs, anyway."

And that was that. No more information. I wondered for awhile what it was all about then forgot about it.

Then the weekend came, and I was busy doing other things and wasn't paying attention to news.

On Monday, the news had video of the fires in Paris. All I could figure out was there was some sort of rioting?

Could I please just get more than ten seconds of information??? Is it really more important for me to know about Jennifer Aniston or Tom Cruise?

At work, there was a mere mention on the radio.

"What IS going on in Paris? Have you heard about this? There's fires all over the place?"

"Oh," Cassie replied. "I just thought they were talking about Paris Hilton."

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