She's Always Living Like She's Running Out of Time

Momma and Evan
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This weekend, my momma came for the annual Christmas shopping experience.

I know. It seems really early for Christmas shopping, doesn't it? But have you seen how crowded everyplace is after Thanksgiving?

It was bad enough this weekend! Luckily, we didn't have to deal with it too much. Mom found everything she was looking for in just a few stores.

It's hard not to think about Christmas early, these days. It seems like everyone's in a giant rush to be the first to start celebrating.

All the stores we were in this weekend had the Christmas music blaring and shiny decorations at every turn. Can't we just get through Thanksgiving first?

Even my favorite store ever, SuperTarget, had a few Christmas items for purchase before Halloween.

We even have a store in Wichita that sells all Christmas stuff, all year 'round!

Don't get me wrong, I heart Christmas! I put up my tree and about ten billion lights in the penthouse. I love Christmas music and only have eight hundred Christmas CDs. I love the purchasing and wrapping of gifts, not to mention the receiving and tearing into.

It just seems that the earlier the Christmas season starts, the more burned out and bored by the whole thing I am by December 25.

It feels like the point gets missed. The season loses some of the magic.

Of course, with as much as a gripe, what do I go and do?

At SuperTarget, I'm hanging out with Mom, when my head turns and I zero in on it. I stop in my tracks and say "I'll be right back! I've got to get Evan a Santa hat!"

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