Then I Could Wish You "Merry Christmas"

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We're doing "Secret Santa" at work again, this year. Cassie wanted us all to make a list of things we want to make it easier for gift-giving.

I made a great list, so I figured I'd post the list here, too. Just to help anyone who might wonder what to buy for me.

1. Diamonds
2. Pearls
3. Rubies
4. Platinum Jewelry (Can be combined with 1, 2 & 3)
5. A Black Russian Terrier
6. A truckload of Grey Goose
7. A Nikon D2X
8. A Greek Island

It seems like there's more to the list, but I can't remember them all. But that should give you all some good ideas.

Lots of cash in hundred dollar bills works, too. Happy present buying!

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