In Your Dress of Deepest Purple

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Normally, I close the bank on Mondays. Which means I normally get to chat with Larry.

Larry is one of my favorite customers. Although he does give me plenty of grief anytime the Chiefs lose. How can anyone be a fan of the Broncos???

He makes up for it, though, by making me laugh at the end of a Monday; a very difficult feat, indeed. Plus, he gave me hockey tickets last year!

A couple of weeks ago, my schedule had me leaving early on Monday. I didn't get my weekly dose of Larry.

The next week, right on schedule, Larry came in.

"You playin' hooky last week?"

"Me? Never!"

"Well, you weren't here last week!"

I explained how our schedules are completely unpredictable. "Why? Did you miss me?"

Of course, he did. And here I was feeling like maybe I've been wrong, all along.

Maybe I do make a difference in people's lives.

Nighat fed into my ego. "Yeah. He was asking about you last week."

I must be totally awesome. Surely all the customers love me so much!

"At first, we didn't know who he was talking about. He was calling you Jennifer."

All that awesome stuff? Nevermind.

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