I Don't Know How it got to This Point

Let it Snow!
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You know what Christmas is really all about?

No it's not all about Santa Claus! It's all about the birth of Jesus and peach and love!

Have you all forgotten???

It's not about gifts!

Okay. So maybe it is about gifts. A little. You know, that whole giving thing?

Which is another reason I'm a complete failure at Christmas, this year.

The other day, I went to Kohl's to get my cousin Jeremy his Christmas gift. I never knew it was so hard to choose a color!

But I got what I needed for him and then thought I'd just take a quick looksee at clothes for me. Just a look! That's all!

Eventually, I headed to the dressing rooms with five items. Only five!

Everything fit perfectly. Everything was nicely priced. But I put everything back. The money I had was for Christmas presents, for others!

So far, I was doing pretty well. I had only bought one pair of earrings. One for me, one for someone else.

Then I headed over to Target. For water. All I needed was water.

But I thought I take a look at the sale racks for black pants. A girl can never have too many black pants.

Oh man. They had so much on sale. And it all fit! And I was weak.

I spent a ton of money on clothes for me. I didn't even buy water.

This year, when you're looking under the tree for your present from Aunt Bee, don't bother. There won't be anything there. Because I'm mean and selfish and out-of-control.

But the jeans were only seven bucks!!! How can a person pass that up???

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