Start Using My Tongue Again

Christmas at Grandma's 2005
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Sunday, we had Christmas at my Mamo's house.

The whole family showed up. It's the first time that's happened in years.

This was also the first time for the twins to celebrate Christmas with us. I think they were a bit overwhelmed.

Periodically, they'd look around with a look as if to say "Really? This is it? I'm related to these people???"

I often do the same thing.

Conversation topics varied incredibly widely; football, dirty diapers, herding cattle, holiday vacations and eating tongue.

Yeah, that's right. My grandmother was talking to my cousin Jill and her husband, Joe, about eating tongue.

I stumbled in right at the middle of the conversation, so I have no idea how it started. Jill had her face scrunched way up even before Mamo asked her "Jill, have you ever tasted tongue?"

"No way!" she replied.

Then, raising my voice to the fullest of levels, I hurried into the other room "She's lying!"

You have to be very loud to get everyone's attention. We're a noisy bunch. "Jill has, too, tasted tongue! Joe's tongue!"

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