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Friday, after work, I got me a one of them new-fangled mobile phones.

I had done all the research and picked out the perfect phone for me. It's not the super-giant $800 phone I really wanted, but it's always nice to not be completely out of control.

I waited my turn and then showed Joe the phone I had picked out. He seemed to be pleased to get a quick sale and reached down to unlock the correct drawer.

His sudden exclamation of "Uh oh" gave me reason to be nervous. "It looks like we are out of that phone."

So began the longest quick sale of Joe's life. It took me twenty minutes to decide to buy a phone; a phone that does everything the one I had inteded to buy does.

But since it was one hundred dollars cheaper, I just couldn't believe it would be just as good.

Yes, I know. I'm ridiculous.

Once I got it home and actually took a look at it, I was freaked out. The phone is some sort of mega monsterous thing!

There is no reason a person should need to do so much with a phone. I can watch live television with it. I can listen to Sirius radio.

I can not only take pictures in various tints, I can also use the phone as a camcorder. It even records sound with the video.

I can purchase songs and use it as an MP3 player.

Need to know where and what time a movie is playing? Give me a minute to look it up on my phone.

Out of control. But also super crazy mega awesome!

And it took me less than thirty-six hours to destroy it.

I'll go ahead and take a bow now because I can already hear the applause.

I hit Old Town with Tonya Saturday night. Heroes was pretty crowded, so I was avoiding the restroom.

When I got home, I really had to go! I took my bag and everything to the bathroom with me.

I set my phone on the ledge of the sink. At some point, I'm not really sure how, (Can you see where this is going?) . . .

I knocked the phone into the toilet.

There was quite a splash. I didn't think. I just plunged in after it. (Punny!)

I don't think I've ever grabbed for something so quickly in my entire life.

I'm glad I had flushed prior to throwing the phone in!

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